Bitcoin Is Too Important, Robert Kiyosaki Says, Don’t Waist Your Time on Skeptics

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Yuri Molchan

Popular non-fiction writer, author of books on finance and self-education believes Bitcoin is too important to shill it to skeptics

Robert Kiyosaki, prominent real-estate investor and author of books on the topics related to finance and financial literacy, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” being the most famous of them, has tweeted that Bitcoin is so valuable that it is not worth trying to persuade skeptics to embrace it.

“Don’t teach pigs to sing”, he tweeted.

Kiyosaki’s major reason for believing in Bitcoin is that he believes the US dollar to be finished as over the past 2 years, the US government has been making regular print outs. In 2020 alone, more than $6 trillion was injected in the US economy after the pandemic started.

In his earlier tweets this year, Kiyosaki made bold prediction about the USD collapse and a coming crash of the US economy. Saving Bitcoin, gold and silver, per his tweets could be a way out here.


Around two weeks ago, the investment guru wrote on Twitter that wealth of millions will be wiped during the coming crash of markets based on macro economic factors.

The latter, he tweeted, are not visible to average people but only a few ones. The majority of factors, however, can be seen by ordinary people, such as CPI, prices on food, petrol.

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