Gotham Knights Leaked…And It Sucks

Gotham Knights Leaked...And It Sucks

Pre-ordered copies of Gotham Knights were accidentally sent to a few customers before they should have been. The “lucky” gamers who got their editions early have been sharing footage online…and this game just sucks. Check out our video if you’re too lazy to read.

Gotham Knights looked awesome in the trailers (and we said as much at the time). It was such a cool idea. Give us four distinct Batman heroes and continue what worked in Arkham Knight, but on newer tech. Sadly, the studio ignored the last part. At least, that’s what it looks like based on what we’ve now seen…

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Gotham Knights Exposed: Shockingly Poor Quality

A number of copies of Gotham Knights were sent out to customers a week ahead of schedule, but those players began uploading the gameplay online… and fans are furious. In short: the game does not look next-gen, far from it in fact, with console versions locked at 30fps. Consider that many games now run on up to 120fps on next-gen consoles. Hell, even the PS4 has a great many 60fps games. But not this brand-new release.

You might be tempted to think this is just one gamer’s experience, and maybe with performance mode activated the game will improve. But you would be mistaken:

No Performance mode on Xbox One Series S/X or PS5 confirmed by Devs on Discord from GothamKnights

The developers even had to cancel the old-gen versions, and still they couldn’t get the Next-Gen-exclusive version to run at more than 30fps. And we’re not hating on the devs here: they explained, that this limitation is due to the game offering untethered co-op in a huge open world. And we get it, that is going to be technically challenging and this is the price we paid. We’re not hating, it is just a shame, as the generation started off strong with one 60 fps title after another.

Again, we don’t want to be unfair to the studio here. If you can look past poor technical performance, then there’s a good chance you might still be able to enjoy this game. But this is a bad look for Warner Bros, who can’t be extended the same kind of leniency we offer indie devs. This game needs to be better for a 2022 release. This, together with the generally bad press this game is generating, has caused some people to even cancel their pre-orders.

If we haven’t persuaded you to abandon this game, and you still want to enjoy Gotham Knights, all power to you. Here’s a link to buy Gotham Knights. But don’t be surprised when you start playing and feel underwhelmed.

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