Detroit police arrest suspect in Sunday morning shootings after 4 shot, 3 killed
Detroit police arrest suspect in Sunday morning shootings after 4 shot, 3 killed

Detroit Police Chief James White, center, speaks about the shootings Sunday at the 12th Precinct. Mayor Mike Duggan, to his right, also spoke.

Detroit — The man suspected of shooting four people, killing three, in a series of Sunday morning shootings on Detroit's west side is in custody, Detroit police said Sunday night. 

Police said the man was arrested in the shooting of four people in what appeared to be random incidents. They said tips led officers to the suspect. They did not release further information.

"Thank you to the hard working men and women of the DPD that put themselves in harm’s way each day. Also, a big thank you to our law enforcement partners," the department said on its Facebook page just before 9 p.m.

An extensive manhunt had been underway Sunday for the suspect, led by the Detroit Police Department with Michigan State Police, ATF, FBI and U.S. Homeland Security. Helicopters searched near Seven Mile and Woodward Avenue around 2 p.m. Sunday as the dozens from law enforcement fanned out across the west side.

Detroit police Chief James White said at a news conferencebefore the arrest that the shootings were done by a single suspect and appeared to be random because nothing connected the four victims.

Police are looking for a suspect wanted in multiple deadly shootings in the city's 12th Precinct.

White said at the time the suspect was a man in his late 20s to early 30s and about 5-foot-8 inches tall. Police issued a news release with his photo. Police do not believe the suspect has a vehicle or transportation and that the crimes were committed on foot.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan had urged anyone with information about the shootings to contact police.

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